I met CSM Krause when he was my 1SG in C Troop. I was a young Staff Sergeant and deployed to Iraq in 04 so clearly – I knew everything. Steve and I didn’t really get along at first because the main job of a First Sergeant is to suck all the fun out of everything. Despite his best efforts, the boys and I managed to have a great time. Steve and I bumped heads a lot leading up to the 2008 deployment. We deployed on different teams but we were in close proximity during mobilization. I recall Nate Westby saying prior to deploying “you remember that First Sergeant you don’t get along with? He was the one who submitted you for this ARCOM (it was awarded for the work I did as a mobilization sergeant)”. That ARCOM was the first time I was awarded anything outside of a deployment. It really put things into perspective because despite bumping heads here and there, he never failed to maintain a professional’s perspective on things. He embodied “no one is more professional than I”. While we were deployed I remember some time towards the conclusion, a convoy arrived at my base. We had 100 Soldiers on FOB Apache so when a convoy rolled up it was noticeable. I walked up and sure enough, Steve Krause was there. I will never forget approaching him and having that conversation. The conversation wasn’t the important part but I just instantly felt connected. All of the things I would bump heads with him on were basically things a grown up, well trained, well disciplined Sergeant is expected to do which I honestly lacked prior to that deployment. I would get frustrated with Steve because there are things you learn and know from deploying (regardless of the deployment) and I could see at that moment he understood where I was coming from a year prior and I transformed into what I believe he was hoping I would be before we left. I have learned lessons from Steve that I still pass down to those around me. He will never know how many Soldiers he has directly changed and how many he has indirectly affected through the passing down of the lessons he has taught. I am a better man and Officer because of Steve and I am honored to have served with him.