Steve attended high school at Benet Academy in Lisle from 1984 – 1988. There he played football and maintained his friendship with Chris and Matt as well as made many new friends. Many of these were made in our sophomore year as our lunch table solidified itself by adding Rob Jones, Tom Kasoba, and Ken Kugleberg. Paul Federicci, Dave Eidell, Brad Bukant, and Reggie Ramiro (freshmen class) would also join our posse of friends during our high school years and beyond. Brad attempted for years for all of us to become professional volleyball athletes. Some of us improved, some of us didn’t. Steve was in very few classes with me (Mr. Hand world history and Senor Pablo for Espanol) but we still saw each other everyday.
Some fun facts…
-Steve once threatened to stab me for stealing his French fries. I still have the scar on my hand. To be fair, he did clearly warn me.
-We attended every Benet boys’ basketball playoff game. At one away game Steve started a chant something to fact of “Ref you’re F*****” after a terrible call against us. I believe he had to visit Dean Brown a few days later.
-After skipping many dances over the years, we all did get dates and go to prom our senior year. My date ended up ditching me but I still had fun dancing with Steve, Chris, and their dates.
-Chris was typically our weekend driver. Ask Clarence about his insurance!
-We were all jealous because Steve had a job working at Mr. Moose Liquors. It was the store his dad owned. (I would later work there from time to time later on as Steve was away for National Guard)
-I was working as the night manager at ARBY’s in Naperville. I missed hanging out with Chris and Steve on Friday nights but they would almost always come to visit. They would order one curly fry. Somehow, a tray with 3 lbs. of fries would appear at their booth. I always appreciated them coming to see me.
– Rob Jones invented a creature called the “Wooga.” There is a very inappropriate story about its origin. We had fun playing at lunch time as wooga monsters would attack each other’s food. You can see a picture of these on the photo from Rob Jones’ wedding. Those are not gang signs, they are wooga monsters!

Your Friend,