So… Lots of memories come to mind when I think of my cousin Steve. Even before I have recollection of my memories, I have heard stories of me and Steve. I have heard that as a toddler trying to avoid bath time I ran to Steve and clung to him, among others, but that one was my favorite. I was told that especially when I was little, Steve was my bud and my go to person.

I also remember Steve always taking time to be with me when I needed a person to talk to or to get some time away when I needed it. To celebrate my 21st birthday, Steve took me to Dave and Busters (my choice) to have some fun and then we found a dive bar that we just happened to come across on the way home for a couple drinks. It just meant a lot to me at the time that Steve had taken some time out to spend with me and celebrate with me.

Growing up I always looked up to Steve. He was kind, smart, easy to talk to, and fun to be around. Any of my friends that met him also thought he was a cool dude. One of my favorite things, was meeting someone that told me they went to the high school he taught at or had him as a teacher. They always had good things to say, I would hear about how he was the coolest teacher, he was fun, they loved his class. And I got to brag, “Yeah, that is my cousin, I know he’s super cool”! I also remember making lots of phone calls to Steve when I was doing my student teaching, he did help get me through the process. He influenced me to become the best I could be.

Steve has accomplished more than most people and he has always done it with a kind heart and a smile. He loves his friends and family with all his heart, defended his country, supported/taught his students, did as much as he could with his twin boys, and was active in many extracurricular activities. As I grow, I appreciate all those things he has done more and more. Since I was a toddler, I have looked up to Steve and continue to this day. I will always love him, admire his accomplishments and continue to be proud that he is my cousin. Here is my Salute to Steve!!