Before we could drive we rode our bikes everywhere. Ogden 6. Yes. Yorktown. You betcha. Fox Valley? Well once. I can’t imagine letting my kids ride that far. And we would head to the mall to walk around, go to the arcade (spy v spy, gauntlet, 1941, you get it) and go see movies. We were there so much, we even saw Muppets take Manhattan. I remember one time going to Ogden and some lady was sunbathing topless on her back deck. Teenage boys remember things like that. But I digress. So this particular day we were going up to Yorktown and I don’t remember if we took highland or Finley, but as happens Steve’s chain pops off. So we’re sitting on the side of the road, trying to pop it back on. ‘no put it there. No turn it this way. Wait, let me twist it’ and we get it back on, and I slice Steve’s hand open. We know there’s a Walgreen’s in the mall, so we hop back on, and head on up there, with Steve slowly losing blood. Head into the store looking for Band-Aids. Get a box and just like in a sitcom she says hey I think they’re on discount, pulls out the mic and says, Earl, can I get a price check on Band-Aids?’ Steve and I just stared at each other as he dropped blood. Then laughed, cause what else could you do. We got our Band-Aids, patched Steve up and enjoyed the rest of the day. That’s what we did, enjoyed life