Steve was my best friend through JR high and high school. It seemed like every weekend we would spend the night at his house, mine or Matt’s. Here are some stories with us. I’m not a writer, be warned

Out all night
I don’t know when it started. But at some point we decided we didn’t see enough of each other during the day, and would sneak out of parents houses and roam the mean streets of Lisle, trying to avoid the LPD and the occasional Dupage sheriff. We really didn’t did so much of any anything, but just walk around and talk. But the night of Chris Scott’s bonfire, a whole bunch of people were spending the night. Matt’s parents wouldn’t let him, but that wouldn’t stop us. So some time later, we walked over to his house and broke him out. And we all went back to the party. Very late in the morning we walked Matt back. And as we crouched in the bushes behind his house, Matt went to the door he left unlocked and found it locked. Apparently Tony had gotten up for water and noticed the door unlocked, and secured it. For some reason, I don’t think any of us had a key to our houses. So we walked back to Chris’ and around 6 Matt woke up and called his parents to say he wasn’t upstairs in his room. We didn’t see Matt for a while after that. So I got caught because I guess I can’t lie. One day after being out, sitting at our table with my grandma, Mom and I think her aunt, and I blurt out the paper guy gets here early. They looked at me like how could I know when he came. We didn’t sneak out after that.

The wild ride
Freshman two a days at the end of summer and the Two families had split taking us to and from practice. Steve’s brother Mike was taking us and after picking me up, he decided to go through four lakes. Now I know my Dad would take this way if it was shorter, but who was I to say anything. Well to our horror, it was faster for Mike because he sped soo fast and when he turned into a parking lot with no exit, he drove down the walking path that connected to another parking lot. All I saw was the big stones to prevent a car from going down the path and trees flying by. Was about the scariest thing ever. He popped out the next lot, turned onto maple and away we went.