College visits.
Steve and I were looking at similar schools for college. I had it down to Embry-Riddle or Parks, and I knew my parents weren’t going to let me go to school on the beach in Florida. So we decided to go on a college information trip to UofI and Parks. IDK when we went exactly we went, but it was St Patrick’s day weekend, and Champaign was rockin. I don’t actually remember going to see any of the school, but I do remember the party Frank had. I was standing in the bathroom and suddenly a stream of green liquid came fying out of my mouth. A passerby saw it and asked if I was OK. I was and kept drinking. We took off from Benet that Monday to drive to Parks. Toured the campus and met a counselor. He was trying to convince Steve to double major. I knew then that I was the dumb one of the group. Of all these things the most memorable part was driving back. See I had an old AMC concourse and if you turned on the air it stayed on. For days. So as we are driving back the windows start to fog. Steve jumps in and moves the temp lever to blue to defog the windows, but when you do that it turns the compressor on for the air. So the entire trip we had cold air blowing out. And it was March and freezing out. It was my first of many stops at the Dwight McDonald’s. We tried to get coffee to warm us up. It was the worst thing ever. How could anyone drink coffee?! Steve went on to enlist in the national guard, then to UofI, and I went to Parks. This is where we slowly drifted apart. But I never stopped loving him like a brother.
For some reason, we felt that I should spend the night I turned 21 in Champaign. So I drove up there. I guess the rule was before you go out you do a shot of every liquor in the house. That would kill me today, but youth is resilience. Ten shots in, and we headed out. I’ve got to say I don’t remember much of that night, maybe a stop at Burger King, but I do remember one of the guys kept pulling girls to the side and said ’Its Chris’ birthday, give him a kiss?’ most obliged.