The Blue Goose Rugby Club of Breckenridge, Colorado hosts a rugby tournament every year around Valentine’s Day. It’s played in the snow and the pitch is lined by using spray paint cans on the snow. Simply put, it’s awesome. This photo is circa 1996 at the tournament in Breckenridge. That year I convinced Steve and a few other Illinois Old Boys to come visit me in Colorado and enter a team in the tournament. Everyone had a blast that weekend and Jimmy Breese had so much fun that he swore he was moving to Breckenridge. He did in fact move to Breckenridge for about ten years, played rugby with Blue Goose, taught shop, got married and had kids. What if he had never gone on that road trip?! Anyway, our team made the Championship game led in large part to Steve’s stellar play as he was one of the very few people on our team who had the fitness to play well at 10,000 feet altitude in the snow. The match was tied and went into extra time before we succumbed to a combined team of Queen City Rugby Club (My home club!) and Jackson Hole Rugby Club. They went by the hilarious name of Queen’s Hole. It was a legendary weekend and Steve was a huge part of us all having a historic time. That’s one weekend I will never forget.