My family had moved to Lisle and I started attending school at St. Joan of Arc. I made quite a few friends in a short amount of time (Chis S., Chris S., Jim F.,) but the one who stood out was Steve. I remember walking home with him (though it was out of the way from my shortest route) and always having an adventure. Chris Saul would have to go to his Grandma’s house (Center Ave.) which was also on the same route home. This left three middle school boys unsupervised telling stories, laughing about the day, and having an occasional adventure which included…
-Seeing who could roll the most wild gourds into someone who left their garage open
-Mouthing off to high schools driving around and being chased by them
-Getting a ride from MIke. One time Mike had the door open (I was already in the car) and was calling for Steve to get in. As Steve approached, MIke would drive forward 20 feet, and then smirkingly call for him again. He did this all the way down Gamble street until finally Steve just started walking home. Mike would eventually let him in the car. What brotherly love!
-Riding bikes to Book Nook in downtown Lisle
-Playing pinball at the Laundromat
-Lisle Lanes (Bowling with SJA) as well as getting high scores on Pac-Man, Frogger, Monaco GP, and Mr. Do.
-Early Trick or Treating one year. We started at 3:00 and stopped at 8:00pm. (I ended up with 22lbs of candy, a record none of my kids have broken to this day); A few years later I believe Chris and Steve went out the day after Halloween as part of an English paper assignment.
-Teepeeing houses (Any kids reading this, don’t do what we did)
-Just hanging out at each other’s houses

The three of us (Chris, Steve, and I) continued to be best friends in high school at Benet Academy and kept in touch and visited one another during the college years.

Steve is one of the greatest people I have known and has always held a spot as being one of my best friends. For those of you reading this you know what I mean. You have been blessed if Steve has been part of your life and helped to create these wonderful memories.