My memory is a little hazy on the details for reasons that will become apparent, so please excuse any omissions as to identities or events…

One Thursday evening after practice, several of us went to R&Rs for half priced apps and a drink. The manager set us up with pitchers and we began carousing. At some point, we began a philosophical discussion about the nature of fun. Over the course of several pitchers, mozzarella sticks and nachos, we determined that fun was not infinite, but rather there existed a finite amount of fun in the universe. We further established that fun was not evenly distributed but instead could spontaneously accumulate around particular moments and people. Since that was the case, it stood to reason that was the reason their was misery in the world.

It was at that point that Erkle stood up on the booth bench, raised his mug, and announced to the crowded establishment at a high volume something along the lines that it sucked to be the rest of the world because we were taking their fun.

And so we did, that night, and so we continue to do, to the present.