Tom Kelly, Trey Tillman and Steve Krause at our college graduation. The three of us lived together all four years in college. The first year in the dorms and the next three in college squalor apartments and our senior year in a dumpy house that has since been torn down. Not pictured is Paul Fedrici because he did not graduate in May 2013. Rumor has it he graduated later. Our senior year we pretty much only saw Paul when we threw big parties. Joe Corbett and Master of Fashion lived with us one semester each our senior year. Our Junior year we had a basement apartment with an elevated toilet that we called The Throne. Paul tried to kill us all by starting a fire that caused the entire building to evacuate in the middle of night and the fire department to come for a visit. Steve was our best fire fighter that night carrying buckets of water to throw into Paul’s room. It was totally Paul’s fault. Come to think of it, a lot of things were Paul’s fault. Probably why he didn’t graduate on time.